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About us

Almott is a technology company that develops and manufactures only brushless electric machines, with a wide range of voltages, power and rotational speeds for a variety of applications. The company has several registered patents that certify our innovative technologies and developments. A characteristic feature of our products is the new design of the coil stator unit-completely manufactured using shpileva technology, which allows you to achieve small sizes and large currents. Rotary synchronous motors have been designed and developed by our own technology, characterized by low inertia. Our AC motors are also made using PIN technology-in combination with rotors made of die-cast honey. The quality management system at Almott is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

Our mission is to offer high-quality, innovative and personalized motors and generators. Our team has the market knowledge, technical skills and competence to carry out its mission effectively. In a rapidly changing market environment, we continually improve our company based on operational experience and constant investment in our team, products, systems, equipment and facilities. We share the passion of our customers, develop and produce products tailored to the specific needs of the customer, with the most optimal price / quality ratio. We contribute to the global effort for a green future as we produce original designed electric machines with a wide range of applications.